Our passion for building high quality performance bikes originated from childhood. As a small boy, Tomas, our founder and chief mechanic, would ride and play with bikes for hours. This lead him to eventually building his first e-bike in his home garage. Our bikes are inspired by classic motorcycles from the 1920s, namely Laurin & Klement and Harley Davidson. Why? They are beautiful, timeless, and express the craftsman’s attention to detail.

In 2020, we decided to build an entire workshop producing e-bikes for people who love beautiful, high quality bikes as much as we do. This resulted in the creation of Island Bike. Why Island Bike? Believe it or not, the Czech Republic also has an island. (Check out a map!) Our workshop is located in the city of Ostrov and translates into the word island in English. The city is not far from Karlovy Vary.

Our goal at Island Bike is to combine modern technology, beauty, design and quality of old handicrafts.




Laurin & Klement, Harley Davidson

Motorcycles are created that are an inspiration for us. Laurin & Klement and Harley Davidson.


The First Bike

At that time, everyone rode on Favorit and Tomáš was no exception. But he built the bike himself from the ground up and therefore he definitely had one of the best bikes in all of Czechoslovakia.


The First E-Bike

In 2017, Tomáš built his first e-bike. Honestly, the fact that it was the first round was great, but compared to his creations today, it was nothing.


The first pre-production model

In 2019, the first pre-production e-bike saw the light of day, which became the cornerstone for the Island Bike project. Hundreds of hours of work and debugging of details have prepared a quality background for today's Island Bike bikes.


Start of Island Bike

As a group of friends, we decided to start a workshop where we will do our great bikes.

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