Are you thinking before the end of the year what to invest in to make sense and reasonably represent your company? At Island Bike, we came up with a great feature and now we also offer it to companies.

It is a completely customized Gentleman e-bike to your company. We will dress the bike in company colors, put your logo on it and equip it with a gadget that symbolizes your company. But that’s not the end of it! We are also able to do special engraving, extrusion into the leather and more. There are many ways to customize your bike as a marketing tool.

What good would such a bike do to you?

For example, if your company has an entrance hall, hall or large shop window, it will be a wonderful accessory that will immediately appeal to anyone who walks by. In itself, our e-bike creates a very engaging impression and attracts the attention of many people to look at it in more detail.

At the same time, the bike can be used for various promotional events, such as hostesses, promoters, or an exhibition stand. It is simply a very clear and beautiful attention banner that will ensure that your company will be a bit more visible compared to the competition.

How to order and customize a bike?

It’s very simple. Just write to us at, our colleagues will contact you and together we will create a unique and beautiful bike tailored to your company.

The image is only a preview and is not a final product